September 25 • 27, 2023

Fairmount Queen Elizabeth, Montréal
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Panel 2

Panel 2

Winning Strategies for Embedded Insurance

Presented by Sun Life
11:15 AM - 12:00 PM
Espace C2 (21st floor)


Hélène Falchier, Partner, Portage 
Mélisa Muraca, Vice-President, Technology Product, SunLife USA
David Nault, Co-Founder and General Partner, Luge Capital
Renée Walkom, Chief Operating Officer, Foxquilt


Félix Deschatelets, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Emma

Embedded insurance is reshaping the insurance industry by enabling fintech companies to seamlessly integrate insurance services into their platforms. To succeed, traditional financial institutions and fintech startups need winning strategies that leverage embedded insurance effectively. What are the emerging opportunities in the field of embedded insurance, and how can both fintech companies and financial institutions capitalize on them to expand their market presence and drive revenue growth? How can fintech companies best partner with traditional financial institutions to bring innovative embedded insurance products to market? How can the expertise and resources of financial institutions complement the agility and technology-driven approach of fintech companies in the realm of embedded insurance?

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