September 25 • 27, 2023

Fairmount Queen Elizabeth, Montréal
Presented by

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Plenary session 2

Plenary session 2

Leveraging Technology to Build Operational
Excellence in Financial Services

Presented by KPMG
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Espace C2 (21st floor)


Christine Day, Chief Technology and Information Officer, Questrade 
Julie Lévesque, Executive Vice-President, Technology and Operations, National Bank of Canada
Malik Yacoubi, Co-Founder and Chief executive officer, Nesto


David Marotte, Quebec Leader, Data and Artificial Intelligence, KPMG

In the dynamic landscape of financial services, leveraging technology and embracing digital transformation becomes essential for financial institutions to build operational excellence. Discover how innovative solutions, including advancements in AI, empower these institutions to streamline processes, enhance customer experiences, drive sustainable growth, and adapt to the evolving industry landscape. How can traditional financial institutions embark on a successful digital transformation journey to modernize their operations and stay competitive? How does the adoption of AI enable traditional financial institutions to stay competitive, innovate faster, and navigate regulatory challenges in an increasingly data-driven and technology-enabled industry? How can strategic collaborations between fintech startups and traditional financial institutions foster innovation, drive digital transformation, and create synergies that benefit both parties?

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